Teaching at Day Murray Music

April 22nd, 2021


Have you ever thought about teaching at Day Murray Music? We are currently looking to meet a demand for highly qualified brass and woodwind teachers as well as violin teachers. Teaching in our comfortable studios allows you to teach in one of our 14 rooms at Day Murray Music. We are centrally located in the Salt Lake Valley between two I-15 off-ramps, and about a mile north of the I-215 State Street off-ramp.

Having the convenience of teaching at a music store is also very beneficial. 

  • It allows parents to pick up new music while they are waiting for a lesson. 
  • Our employees can research hard-to-find music titles and also recommend new products that may be of interest to students and teachers. 
  • We can prepare your starter packet of music and teaching materials that you require for your students; it can be ready to go for their first lesson.

 Another benefit of teaching at a central location is being a publicly accessible area.

  • It provides a safety measure for both the teacher and the student.
  • It also allows the students a distraction-free learning space.
  • Additionally, it allows the teacher to keep their work life separate from their home life.

The benefits of being a Day Murray Music studio teacher include one FREE recital hall rental per year, online scheduling of studio space, 10% teacher + student discount through Studio Connect, and the ability to pay your studio room rent online.

Text 385-743-9809 to schedule a no-obligation studio tour.