Jason Lyle Black

Jason Tonioli

Marshall McDonald

Day Murray Music was an important part of my musical upbringing! As a young boy, we would often go to Day Murray Music to buy new piano books and I always left more excited to practice so that I could someday play all the music that I saw there. I guess I still kind of feel like a “kid at the candy store” when I go to Day Murray Music. I believe Day Murray Music to be an integral part of our arts community and that it continues to play an important role in exciting the next generation of musicians.


Pat Graham, Primary Music Composer

One of my favorite things about Day Murray Music is the way the business has evolved to meet the needs of musicians. I remember when the Recital Hall and teaching rooms, upstairs and downstairs, were added. My piano students have benefited from performing “on stage” with two excellent grand pianos. I can’t say enough about their customer service and follow through, and their support for local composers.


Craig Jessop

“Throughout my career I’ve worked with many music stores around the nation. By my own personal experience, I would rate Day Murray Music among the very best I’ve ever worked with. I have found them to be unmatched in times I’ve been helped by Bonita Cross in finding repertoire that can be obscure. She and others at Day Murray Music have assisted in getting the music to us on time and under budget. They are helpful and knowledgeable about programming and in sending new and exciting repertoire to us for consideration. They are knowledgeable about a diverse scope of repertoire for all types of groups- children, young adults, to seniors and professional musicians. Day Murray Music has become our “go to” store for all our music needs. I give them my highest and enthusiastic recommendation.”


Michael R. Hicks

“Day Murray Music is a class act. For anyone needing help finding music, the staff there knows how to help. And the educational seminars are so helpful.”


Ralph B. Woodward

“In our era of constant change, one remarkable constant in our community over the years has been Day Murray Music. It is extremely rare these days to find a physical location where one can actually examine copies from a vast array of sheet music, play through items on a piano, get recommendations, or obtain information on hard-to-obtain music. (In fact, I no longer know of another such place.) As the sheet music world has been in such a state of flux, it must be an enormous challenge for an actual store specializing in sheet music to keep going. But Day Murray Music has been doing just that for the 40-plus years since I have known of it, and it is a resource for which I have grown increasingly appreciative.

Of course, any of us acquainted with Day Murray Music view it not as a mere business, but an indispensable service. My three stints as ward choir director and 40 years as director of the Salt Lake Children’s Choir are inextricably tied to this place (a fact borne out by the many ‘Day Murray Music’ stamps on decades-old copies still in my files). But beyond being a ‘service’, it is also something of a ‘gathering place’ for like-minded individuals-since one never knows whom one might unexpectedly encounter during a visit to the store.

Of course, Klint Day, the owner, seems to know virtually everyone having anything to do with music in the area- and probably has more knowledge than anyone in the country about printed choral music. It is also reassuring to see the store growing and developing via the younger Day family members (and a knowledgeable staff)- as it continually offers new products, services, and convenience- all with the same long-standing Day-family warmth.

I shudder to think of how things would be for myself and others like me were it not for Day Murray Music and express my heartfelt appreciation for its presence now and hopes for its continuation long into the future.”

Cathy Jolley- Timberline Middle School

“I have been working with Day Murray Music exclusively for the last 15 years. I have a large choral program and need lots of music- fast. WHENEVER I call, I am helped immediately. Bonita will do whatever it takes to help you get what you need. She seems to know every publisher, composer, and supplier, either personally or online. She has great recommendations that are so right on. In addition to all of the help, their discount program has saved me a lot of money! Wisdom, help, and personal one-on-one care and attention are why I call them first and always.”

Dr. Brady Allred, Salt Lake Choral Artists/ Salt Lake Vocal Artists

“Day Murray Music is the absolute best music store I know and the only supplier of choral music that I use. Their choral music specialist, Bonita Cross, has a wealth of music knowledge and she is an expert in choral literature and choral publishing. My orders are always completed in a timely manner and the [Profit Sharing] discount they offer is an added bonus to the superb service. Even when I have a list of difficult pieces to order, Bonita is a skilled researcher and investigator and always finds what I need even with foreign publishers and out-of-print music. I also trust her to recommend titles to me if I need more pieces for specific concert or program. You cannot find this great level of service anywhere! I highly recommend Day Murray Music and encourage you to use them for all your musical needs.”

Claudia Bigler, Box Elder High School

“I have been buying choral music from Day Murray for several years, and recommend them highly. The profit sharing program is fantastic, and saves our precious choral budget hundreds of dollars every school year. In addition, Bonita is a combination of customer service guru, and choral detective! She has been able to find obscure scores that have eluded my search efforts!”

Dr. Ron Staheli

“For school, church, and personal use, I have ordered choral scores from Day Murray Music for years now. Because of their knowledge of repertoire and the ever-changing publishing world, Bonita Cross and her staff are probably the best source for choral music in the country. They have taken a great deal of complication out of my life by their prompt, efficient service. I heartily recommend them.”

Trevor Manning, Pleasant Grove Jr. High

“I have worked with DMM for several years. They are efficient, generous, honest, and just great people to work with. I do all my school music ordering through them, and highly recommend them to anyone!!”

Dr. Peter Steenblik, University of West Florida

“I highly recommend the services of DMM. It is no longer simply a local organization. As I have moved from Utah to Texas, and now to Florida, I continue to rely on the expertise of DMM. The knowledge and ability of the staff is unmatched. Bonita ensures that I am getting the right scores at the lowest price- often far less than large competitors. She is familiar with publication companies large and small and is prompt to communicate the status of each order, making me aware of all available options. She takes a real interest in my program choices and periodically makes recommendations of selections otherwise unknown. In an age when quality customer service is rare, I am grateful that businesses like DMM still exist. I will continue giving DMM mu business.”

John Madsen, Legacy Jr. High School Bands

“Whenever I need to purchase music, I order it through DMM. They offer profit sharing, so the music is discounted from the retail price. This is very helpful when working within a school budget. Bonita is very helpful and puts the order together quickly. All I have to do is put my list together, email it to Bonita, and wait a few days for it to come in the mail to my school.”

Curt McKendrick, Lone Peak High School

“I’ve loved my relationship with Day Murray Music. Everything has been outstanding in every way.”

Dr. Donald Peterson, Director of Bands at Brigham Young University

“The BYU Bands have worked with Bonita Cross and Day Murray Music for several years now and we’re extremely pleased with the service we receive. We couldn’t ask for better promptness and attention to detail!”