About Instrument Rentals

We have partnered with Rent My Instrument to provide you with quality name brand instruments to rent such as Armstong, Jupiter, Selmer, Vito, and more.

The rental process can be done online, and the instrument(s) will be shipped directly to your home (free shipping included). We also have a selection of instruments available to rent at our Murray location.

By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to Rent My Instrument’s Website where you will need to create an account to get started with this process.

NOTE: All rentals placed on Rent My Instrument’s website will be processed by them. They guarantee your complete satisfaction. You will receive a bright and shiny new or like-new instrument. You can return your instrument for any other instrument, or to cancel your rental contract, at any time.

Good News for Renters: You won’t be renting your instrument forever, at some point you will own it! There is a cap-off point where the instrument becomes yours.

Good News for Early Buy-Out: There is a 50% option if you buy your instrument outright any time during your rental period. We recommend that you try out your beautiful new instrument the first month to make sure you like it and to show it off to your music teacher. Then the following month, buy it outright for the greatest savings possible (50% discount on remaining price). This brings you the best deal ever offered!

More Good News: Rent My Instrument will pay for the shipping both ways. If you change your mind at any time during your rental period, they will pay for the exchange or to send back your final return. All you need to do is KEEP THE BOX AND STUFFING they originally mailed to you for your return.