Arlette Day Cultural Center

Salt Lake County has moved to a “moderate risk” phase. This means that we will begin scheduling small recitals only (50 or fewer in attendance). If you anticipate having more than 50 in attendance, please schedule 2 blocks of time. Priority scheduling will still be given to teachers whose Spring and Fall 2020 recitals were cancelled due to COVID-19. As recitals are scheduled (or rescheduled), teachers will be emailed a set of COVID-19 guidelines, which will be required in addition to our conditions of use.

For Recital Hall inquiries please email or call/text our store at 801-266-3537 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

We are following current Utah state guidelines and appreciate your adherence to these protocols.


Conditions of Use

  • No gum, food, or drink is allowed in the recital hall at any time; or in the store in conjunction with any event.  Reservation holders may be charged for cleaning fees if this policy is violated.
  • Your block of time is meant to include set up, performance, and clean up. Your event may be scheduled back-to-back with another event. Please be courteous to those scheduled before or after you, as you would expect the same courtesy to be extended to you.
  • If you feel you need more time, more than the two hours, you can purchase additional time at $25/hour. Additional time must be scheduled and paid for in advance.
  • For the time being, the John Day Room is unavailable for refreshments. If you would like to have a treat as part of your recital, it MUST be in a sealed to-go container and handed out at the door as your guests are leaving.
  • When your event is over, please straighten the room, and move any furniture back where you found it, and turn off the lights. (One light automatically stays on.)

Seating Capacity

  • Our standard layout accommodates 80 guests facing towards the dais with the two grand pianos. Additional seating is located at the rear of the recital hall and can expand the capacity to up to 110 if needed.
  • You are welcome to arrange the chairs in a way that best suits your needs, but please put them back in the standard seating arrangement when you are finished with your event. If either of the pianos need to be moved, please have management assist you to avoid damage. Both pianos MUST be kept on the platform!


Recitals can be scheduled up to 1 year in advance. All recitals (and any additional time desired) must be prepaid. Here are our rates:

  • January 1 – March 15 (Winter Rate)
    • Monday-Thursday $45.00/2 hours
    • Friday-Saturday $50.00/2 hours
  • March 16 – May 31 (Spring Rate)
    • Monday-Thursday $55.00/2 hours
    • Friday-Saturday $60.00/2 hours
  • June 1 – September 30 (Summer Rate)
    • Monday-Thursday $45/2 hours
    • Friday-Saturday $50.00/2 hours
  • October 1 – December 31 (Fall Rate)
    • Monday-Thursday $55.00/2 hours
    • Friday-Saturday $60.00/2 hours
  • Additional time may be purchased for $25/hour. 

Cancellation Policy

  • All cancellations or changes to your reservation will need to be made directly with our staff so that proper credits can be issued and the recital hall schedule can be updated.
  • Cancellations or changes to your reservation made within 30 days of your event are subject to a $20 cancellation/rescheduling fee. If you cancel your event, we will issue credit for a future event – minus any cancellation/rescheduling fees. This credit cannot be used for store merchandise.
  • Can’t keep your scheduled recital hall reservation?  Click here.

After Hours Use

  • If any part of your event is scheduled after store hours, (we close at 6:00 pm) you will need to arrive at the store 15 minutes before closing/reservation so that you can have access to the recital hall and review after hours procedure.
  • You may be liable for damage to the building arising from improperly securing all doors after use.


“Thank you for having all the chairs set up- they are very comfortable for the audience. Having two fine pianos allows us to do two piano and concerto pieces- a real bonus and reason we love your recital hall.”

“It is very accommodating and comfortable to use, and it’s clean and fitting for recitals. Out of a few other places, Day Murray Music has given us the best experience. Students and parents both agree that this is the best venue we have used.”

“The two hour block of time would probably have been sufficient but we had several students playing organ and instruments other than just piano, so we needed the extra hour that we added on to get stops set, instruments tuned, etc. I am glad we had the option of booking a 3-hour block! Thank you very much! It is a nice recital hall!”

“I was very impressed! I will plan to do my next recitals here again. I haven’t used your recital hall before. Other recital halls are closer for my students, but I like this one best! Thank you!”


Check Availability


John Day Room

Currently our John Day room is unavailable for refreshments. (Those wishing to hand out a treat after a recital need to use a to-go container handed out as guests leave. Please remember to make sure that there is no food or drink in the recital hall.)

When it becomes available again, we will let you know. It is just perfect for after-recital refreshments and mingling. We have many tables and chairs that you can set in a way to best suit your needs. The cost of the John Day room, when booked in conjunction with the recital hall, is just $20. When using the John Day room, users agree to keep the room clean. This includes no messy or staining items (such as red punch) and clean up after use.