Jared Day

Guitar, Ukulele,
Instrument: Guitar
Styles: Rock, Blues, Country, Heavy Metal, Classical
Ages Taught: 7+
Skills Taught: Basic Theory and Fretboard Theory, Performance, Technique, Stage Presence
Years Taught: 15 years
Methods Taught: Alfred's Teach Yourself to Play Guitar, The Art of Rhythm Guitar 1, 2, 3, Monster Scales and Modes, Alfred's Fingerpicking Pattern Encyclopedia
Instrument: Ukulele
Styles: Standards, Pop and Rock
Ages Taught: 7+
Skills Taught: Basic Theory, Performance, Technique, Stage Presence
Years Taught: 5 years
Methods Taught: Alfred's Basic Ukulele Method, Everybody's Ukulele Companion, First 50 Songs You Should Play on Ukulele, Ukulele Fretboard Roadmaps

Jared Day is one of the owners of Day Murray Music. He started taking music lessons when he was just three years old and studied through high school. While in high school, he was Concert Master in the school orchestra. Jared has studied violin, piano, drums, mandolin, voice, ukulele, and guitar. In addition to his formal training, he has a remarkable musical ear and can play readily by ear. He also has great harmonic sense.

He’s been teaching guitar privately for 15 years and ukulele for the past five years. Along with teaching individual lessons, he’s also had many opportunities to teach large guitar and ukulele groups. Jared has shared his talents teaching at the annual Suzuki camps. Additionally, he has also taught classes at the Utah State Prison.

In his music lessons, he teaches tablature paired up with standard notation along with rhythm, finger-picking, lead and ear training. Some of the styles he teaches are Rock, Blues, Country, Heavy Metal, and Classical music. Growing up with the music business has given him a vast knowledge of repertoire. Jared is easiest to reach by cell phone, or you can meet him directly at the Murray location of Day Murray Music.



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