Dale Lee

Instrument: Saxophone
Styles: jazz, classical, rock, funk, all
Ages Taught: All
Skills Taught: technique, tone development, sight reading, ear training, improvisation, theory
Years Taught: 30
Methods Taught: Various

Dale has a wealth of teaching and performing experience. He’s taught private lessons for over 30 years and as a band school director for 25. He enjoys teaching all styles of music ranging from jazz to rock to classical and will gladly focus on whichever styles the student prefers. He teaches students of all ages & ability.

He focuses on tone, technique, improvisation, theory, sight reading, ear training & pitch development, range extension, history and overall musicality all so one may further the ability to enjoy the art of music.

Dale has played professionally since his high school days. He was the band leader of The Swingorillas & Nova Paradiso and has played with numerous bands including Insatiable, GNP, The Violent Femmes, Ike Willis (Frank Zappa music), Thirsty Alley and currently with Fry Pan Band. He is also a composer & arranger.


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