Autumn Wood

Cello, Viola, Violin,
Instrument: Violin, viola, cello
Styles: Classical/popular music
Ages Taught: 8 and up, I teach complete beginners up to college music auditions
Skills Taught: proper string technique, practice skills, music notation and basic theory
Years Taught: 5
Methods Taught: I use a variety of methods and teaching strategies as needed for each individual student

I absolutely love teaching, and have over 5 years experience with beginning and intermediate students in both private and orchestra settings.

One of my favorite parts of teaching is watching students light up as they understand and improve. Music increases confidence and I’ve seen how much it can make a difference personally and in the lives of others. My teaching philosophy is to provide fun, quality instruction and help my students develop a growth mindset in every aspect of learning.

Violin is my primary instrument, and I can help prepare students for advanced high school repertoire and college auditions. As an education major, I have also spent considerable time studying pedagogy for beginner to intermediate viola and cello, and love teaching middle schoolers in the first 3 years of playing!


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