Our teaching studios are located on both the main and upper levels of our store.  There are four studio rooms on the main level with eleven other studio rooms upstairs. The upstairs studio rooms are filled with natural light from large windows.  All studios have been sound-proofed.  Each studio room is equipped with either an acoustic piano or a digital piano (except John Day Room).  Our studio rooms also have chairs, a music stand, and a mirror to facilitate teaching proper instrumental or vocal technique. Each room also has a window in the door for additional light and security. There are comfortable waiting areas outside both main floor and upstairs studio rooms for your students or their parents. There are adjacent restrooms near studios on both levels. Rent for all studio rooms is paid in advance with convenient online invoices.


Large Studios

Upstairs Studio

We have two large studio rooms. These studios average an area of 275 square feet.  Our upstairs large studio room is perfect for master classes and small recitals.  It has 3 large windows, a hardwood floor, a full mirror, and a baby grand piano. Our upstairs large studio rents for $10.00 per hour any time.

Downstairs Studio: John Day Room

Our downstairs large studio room does not have a piano, but it does have a hardwood floor and a large floor-to-ceiling mirror. It is well suited for meetings, small group instruction, and preschool music classes. The John Day Room rents for $10.00 per hour.

It also serves as a refreshment area adjacent to our beautiful recital hall. When the John Day Room is reserved in conjunction with a recital it is an additional $20 to the recital hall rental fee because of refreshments being served.


Medium Studios

We have two medium studio rooms upstairs.  These rooms average an area of 159 square feet.  The Medium rooms are ideal for larger instruments as well as small-group instruction or ensemble rehearsal. The upstairs studio rooms have hardwood floors and acoustic pianos. Medium studio rooms rent for $5.50 per hour before 2:00 p.m. and $6.50 per hour after 2:00 p.m.


Small Studios

We currently have ten small studio rooms – eight are upstairs and two are on the main level. These rooms average an area of 72 square feet.  Of our small studio rooms, four have acoustic pianos and six have digital pianos. These rooms are ideal for one-on-one instruction.  They are large enough for vocal, instrumental or piano instruction.  They also work well as practice rooms or warm-up rooms. Small studio rooms rent for $4.50 per hour before 2:00 p.m and $5.50 per hour after 2:00 p.m.

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