Jane Fjeldsted Workshops

July 1st, 2019

For the past few weeks, Day Murray Music has hosted Dr. Jane Fjeldsted as she has presented workshops for beginning and also for advanced choir directors. About 20 people have been on hand, as well as more online via DMM Webinar, to learn choral conducting skills, and build on what experience they already have.

Jane is a gifted teacher with a charming personality. These qualities, combined with years of knowledge and experience, add up to an excellent presentation.

“She has to come back!” has been said by more than one attendee.

Beginners have learned the correct way to present beat patterns, interpretive use of the left hand, and various ways to direct dynamics and rhythms. The advanced attendees have received one-on-one time working on specific anthems in addition to interpretation, communication with our accompanist, and conducting various beat styles.

“You have to watch yourself conduct,” Jane says. “Either in front of the mirror, or make a video during a rehearsal and study it to see what you need to work on correcting.”

Great advice for any choir director – beginning or otherwise. Our choirs can only give us as much as we are giving them.

She will be back – there is much more to cover!


~Bonita, Profit Sharing/ Workshop Manager