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What is required to become a studio teacher at Day Murray Music?

All teachers at Day Murray Music are required to have a business license from Murray City.  If you do not currently have a Murray City business license, you will need to acquire one. You can find more information on what is required from Murray City at https://murray.utah.gov  Teaching under an LLC, S-Corp, DBA or other such entity does not take the place of a Murray City business license.  Murray City also does not allow business licenses issued from the state of Utah or any other municipality to take the place of a Murray City business license.

Studio teachers are not contractually obligated to teach exclusively at Day Murray Music. You are free to teach at multiple locations.  You are not free, however, to use our advertising for you to take students you obtained from Day Murray Music referrals to another location.

There is a $50.00 key deposit fee to give you the keys to access our studios and the studio room you wish to use.  You will be expected to sign a key deposit form as well as a studio user agreement to teach with us.

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What are the benefits of being a studio teacher at Day Murray Music?

Day Murray Music will help you advertise your studio. In addition to being featured on our website, Day Murray Music also features its studio teachers on our teacher wall at the main register.  We also provide the names and phone numbers of our studio teachers to prospective students upon request. This benefit is only available for teachers who currently teach in our studios.

Day Murray Music does not take a portion of the tuition you charge your students, nor do we dictate what you charge for lessons. You are free to build and maintain your own studio and curriculum. When you decide your studio is full, you are under no obligation to continue to accept new students if you do not wish to.

Day Murray Music provides the use of our recital hall free of charge once per calendar year to our studio teachers to hold a recital.  You are not expected nor required to hold a recital with other studio teachers.  (You are free to network with other studio teachers, however, should you decide to hold a master class, or multi-teacher recital.)

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Billing and Scheduling Options

Each month we will email you an invoice for the studio time you currently have scheduled.  The payment is due on the 5th of each month. You can easily set up convenient auto-payments with our system as well.

With our convenient online scheduling system, scheduling additional time is easy.  You are able to schedule time up to 30 days in advance. This allows you to self-schedule and pay as you go while building your studio.

Contact us to become one of our studio teachers!