Melanie Dean

Instrument: Violin
Ages Taught:
Skills Taught:
Years Taught:
Methods Taught: All for Strings, Rainbow Tones, and Suzuki

I am a teacher passionate about creating a community of people who love to play the violin and create beautiful, inspiring music. I’ve played violin for 30 years and started teaching at 16.  I played and taught violin throughout university and have my BS in Education, which helps tremendously in tailoring my teaching to the student.  I grew up here in SLC and studied under John Chatelain (Utah Symphony), played at Ricks College and USU under Marjorie Bagley (Arcata Quartet) and Russell Fallstad (Fry Street Quartet). My foundation was built in classical music, but I’ve also appreciated being able to play with some “rock” bands through the years. I’ve also picked up some fiddling too.  Exploring different styles is fun!   Today I play with the Murray Symphony Orchestra and fill in with Strings of Elegance.  I teach ages 7-97 and I pull from many different methods to customize the student’s experience. My primary methods include the All for Strings, Rainbow Tones, and Suzuki methods to start.  I take nearly every performing and teaching opportunity I can because it is so rewarding.  I also currently maintain a smaller studio (10 students) and teach once a week.


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