Christie Bessinger

Instrument: Piano
Styles: Classical, jazz & blues, pop/rock, chording, contemporary, & songwriting.
Ages Taught: 5+
Skills Taught:
Years Taught: 13 years
Methods Taught:

Christie has been teaching piano since 2007. She loves working with aspiring musicians of all ages, helping them find their own unique style and favorite genres of piano playing. She loves highlighting students’ achievements each year with fun, themed recitals. Along with holiday recitals, others have included “Rockin’ Summer” (where students performed pop/rock & jazz/blues music), and “Red Carpet Recital” (with movie themes & Broadway hits). Christie is a published composer and singer-songwriter, and has been writing and producing music alongside Kevin Memley- a world renowned composer- since 2006. She loves sharing her knowledge of songwriting with her students, in addition to traditional methods of note reading.¬†She has a degree in Psychology from California State University, Fresno, and believes it has helped tremendously in simplifying the way students think about different patterns in music. Christie knows that a critical part of good teaching is motivating and helping students learn the self-discipline they need to succeed. Because of this, many of her students have gone on to perform in their school jazz bands & talent shows, community & church events, and write & record their own music. One student even performed at Carnegie Hall with her high school this past year. Christie was named a Steinway Top Teacher in 2017.


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